April Edition 2022

38 2 The US-Israel Legal Review 2021 We are delighted to present the third issue of The US-Israel Legal Review, an annual guide which takes a deep dive into the bilateral commercial relationship between America and Israel and explores the legal and regulatory issues arising from this dynamic. This edition’s cover theme of “Startups, Unicorns and the ‘SPAC’ Phenomenon” was not deliberately planned to be the main feature of the magazine. Rather, it is a theme that runs through several of the articles written by our contributors: the chapters on M&A, Labor & Employment, Fintech, Digital Health and High-Tech are some of those that address these topics. And for the first time ever, the publication includes an article froma non-law firm–Marsh – highlighting the increasing prevalence of representations and warranties insurance on Israeli transactions, further demonstrating the evolution of the Israeli M&A market in-line with the US. We also feature our third annual Israel Desks League Tables which showcase those international law firms involved in Israeli deals and with Israeli clients. Following extensive meetings, data collection and analysis, we would like to thank all the international law firms with an Israel Desk for submitting a range of deals in M&A, high-tech, VC and PE, real estate and more. The Review ranks deals in terms of both volume and value and we look forward to adding more tables in future issues. The Review is a co-publishing venture from the teams at Global Legal Media and Nishlis Legal Marketing. Global Legal Media is a strategic legal and professional services BD and marketing consultancy whose founders have several years’ combined experience working with leading law firms around the world and at the most respected legal publications across the US, UK and Asia. Nishlis Legal Marketing is the premier legal marketing and business development consultancy in Israel, for leading Israeli law firms and foreign law firms venturing into Israel. A truly bilateral relationship for a bilateral publication. We are grateful to our contributing law firms for providing their expertise and insight to illuminate a full range of issues arising from the US-Israeli commercial relationship. The US-Israel Legal Review will be read at law firms, in-house legal departments and in the tech sector across both jurisdictions. If you would like to participate in the next edition, please feel free to contact us at the email addresses below. We hope you enjoy the publication. Danny Collins Idan Nishlis Director / Global Legal Media CEO / Nishlis Legal Marketing dc@globallegalmedia.com nishlis@legalmarketing.co.il Welcome