April Edition 2022

37 The US-Israel Legal Review 2021 1 Contents THE US-ISRAEL LEGAL REVIEW 2021 2WELCOME FROMTHE PUBLISHERS Global Legal Media and Nishlis Legal Marketing 4 TAKINGTHE TEMPERATURE In a bite-sized Q&A, The US-Israel Legal Review poses a series of questions to Yigal Arnon & Co. Law Firm on the US-Israel bilateral relationship 8 THE NATURAL BONDBETWEEN SILICONVALLEY AND SILICONWADI The cooperation between Israel, known by many as The Startup Nation, and the world’s leading technological hub of Silicon Valley, is not accidental – By The California Israel Chamber of Commerce 10 THE NEWISRAELI FRONTIER – THE SOUTHEASTUNITED STATES The U.S. has long been a hotbed for Israeli startups. Now the Southeast region aims to leverage its heavy corporate base to emerge as the new landing ground for Israeli innovation – By Conexx: America Israel Business Connector 14 ISRAEL DESKS LEAGUE TABLES: 2021 In this third annual edition of Israel Desks League Tables, the battle between the magic circle, U.S. powerhouses and other major international law firms for a greater slice of the Israel market continues unabated. 30 ISRAEL IN-HOUSE COUNSEL ROUNDTABLE: FROM START-UPS TO SUPERSTARS Q&A with Vivian Goldstein, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Netafim; and Ronit Bernstein-Avrahams, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Playtika Holding A LEGAL GUIDE TO US-ISRAEL INVESTMENT: 36 US – CYBERSECURITY Ransomware Attacks: What You Should Know if You Do Business in the United States – By Carter Ledyard &Milburn 42 ISRAEL – MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS Mergers And Acquisitions 2021: Setting Strong Foundations For 2022 – By Erdinast, Ben Nathan, Toledano & Co., With Hamburger Evron 48 US – LABOR & EMPLOYMENT Startup Snafus and Solutions: Avoiding Unforced Employment Errors – By Fox Rothschild 54 ISRAEL – TAX Ground Breaking International Tax Reform: Significant Influence on Corporations and Individuals – By Gornitzky 60 ISRAEL – FINTECH Fintech: Firing on All Cylinders – By Herzog Fox & Neeman 64 ISRAEL – DIGITAL HEALTH Digital Health In Israel – The Upsurge Of Big Data & Preemptive Medicine: The Role Of The Public Sector – By Lipa Meir & Co. 68 ISRAEL – PRIVACY The Notion Formerly Known as Privacy – One More Aspect of Long COVID– By Lipa Meir & Co. 72 ISRAEL – INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Israel: The Importance of IP in a Technology-Based Economy – By The Luzzatto Group 78 US-ISRAEL – R&W INSURANCE Representations and Warranties Insurance: Enhancing Returns on M&A Transactions in Israel - By Marsh 84 US - CRYPTO / DIGITAL ASSET REGULATION Digital Asset Regulation in the United States: An Opportunity for Progress or a Threat to Innovation? - By Murphy & McGonigle 90 ISRAEL – HIGH TECH Israel’s High-Tech Sector: Looking Back and Ahead – Interviewwith Shibolet 94 ISRAEL – CIVIL LITIGATION Civil Litigation in Israel in Theory and Practice – By Tadmor Levy & Co. 100 US – MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS Investment in Israeli Companies Surges – with Help from SPACs – By White & Case 106 ISRAEL – BIO-CONVERGENCE Israel, Bio-Convergence and COVID-19 – By Yigal Arnon & Co. Co-Publishers: Global Legal Media Danny Collins, Deepak Vohra dc@globallegalmedia.com dv@globallegalmedia.com www.globallegalmedia.com Nishlis Legal Marketing Idan Nishlis nishlis@legalmarketing.co.il www.legalmarketing.co.il