November Edition 2020

In this juicy November edition of Israel Desks magazine, we look at the role of women at the heart of a country’s judiciary - recently put under the spotlight after the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and the Senate's appointment of Amy Coney Barrett as her replacement. But while the U.S. wrestles with these fundamental issues, we look at how Israel’s ownwomen feature at the heart of its judicial and business landscape. Having elected one of the world’s first female prime ministers - Golda Meir in 1969, how far has Israel actually come in the representation of women? We speak to female GCs and private practice lawyers in Israel, the U.S., and UK and look at what there is to do. Also, the landmark agreement formalizing ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has investors and entrepreneurs flush with genuine excitement. In this special feature, we keep track of all the latest known developments and catch up with leading experts from Israel and the UAE, as the story evolves at a rapid pace. Aswell as roundingupall the recent transactions in the Israeli market that have closed during this COVID pandemic, we bring you key moves between law firms as they relate to Israel Desks, and a host of valuable upcoming seminars, including Herrick Feinstein LLP’s Post-Election Insights on November 10. Lee Saunders, Editor IsraelDesks