May Edition 2020

13 As nations around the world try to flatten the curve of spread, infections and fatalities stemming from Covid-19, each country has adopted a range of strategies at different times looking to curtail the spread of this disease. Alongside Israel, one of the countries praised for its handling of the crisis so far has beenGermany.A s Dr.MathiasReif ,N ational Headof DWF’s Corporate & M&A practice in Germany, said: “Germany so far has been managing the Covid-19 crisis remarkably well. We will see if the approach of closing the country was – also from the economic perspective – the right choice (we will see from the example of Sweden, if there would have been a better way). Businesses in Germany have been hit substantially andmany small companies and self-employed individuals have experienced a 100% decrease in revenues and profits from one day to the next. Thus, cash collection and cash management has been the number one priority for many firms.” In this climate of uncertainty, there have been industries that have been ravaged and others showing promis e. Joey Shabot , M anaging Shareholder of the Tel Aviv office of global law firm Greenberg Traurig points out: “Some industries are now experiencing accelerated growth. With social distancing being practiced worldwide, it is industries that are able to bridge the gap for people, and allow them to maintain normality, that seem to be striving.” Shabot adds: “Technological tools for socializing and distant learning are striving. Telehealth applications usage has grown incredibly, wit h virtual healthcare interactions forecasted to top1billionby year-end.T his number is particularly noteworthy, as beforeCOVID-19 forced quarantine onAmerican citizens, only about 10% made use of telemedicine services. Should virtual healthcare prove to be an efficient and effective tool, we could expect it to generate momentum that will continue. One industry that is also making an effort to become more flexible is the manufacturing industry, which, in the U.S. has shifted its efforts towards manufacturing health and treatment related products, such as surgical masks, respirators and so forth.” As the world tilts, the legal world adjusts Social and distance learning are thriving; telehealth apps grown