June Edition 2023

61 In the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence (AI), countries around the globe are struggling to create suitable legal frameworks. Israel, renowned for its dynamic tech industry, has frequently found itself following the lead of other jurisdictions, particularly Europe and the United States, and adjusted its regulatory strategies to match global trends, rather than proactively adopting its own internal guidelines. This pattern seems to be persisting with AI legislation, where a clear position has yet to be declared by the Israeli legislator. However, in an active effort to create some certainty for developers of AI products and to boost innovation within its world-renowned tech sector, the Israeli Ministry of Justice published a few months ago an opinion on the complex relationship between copyright law and machine learning (ML). Innovation and Regulation: Finding the Balance for AI Netta Shaked-Stadler, Partner, Gornitzky, leads the firm's AI practice Assaf Harel, Partner, Gornitzky leads the firm’s Cyber and Privacy practice Dr. Ziv Rotenberg, Partner, Gornitzky leads the firm's intellectual property practice