April Edition 2022

8 drafted to Israel’s elite technological military units (which,many times,would open the door to a successful hi-tech career). Another reason is what I call ‘the practicality of the invention.’ While in other places we sometimes see a race for the coolest technology, in Israel the unicorns are usually focused on solving real problems which could yield an unbelievable value. Another explanation is that considering Israel’s small size, Israeli startups are set up from inception with an eye towards the global markets. That dictates awareness of market trends and strategic planning customarily found only in more mature companies.” As Caner of EBN points out: “the leading multinationals, growth and earlystage global VCs are now identifying Israel as an unparalleled place of talent and successful innovation. In addition to multinationals such as Google, Meta, Amazon, Intel, Motorola, Medtronic, and many others opening hubs in Israel (often after or through local acquisitions), now prominent VCs such as Insight Partners, Tiger Global and lately Blackstone and the Vision Fund are having people on the ground and investing significant and disproportionate efforts in Israel, compared to other places.” Indeed, according to a report published in December 2021 by Start-Up Nation Central, an Israeli nonprofit that promotes the local technology sector, the most active foreign investor in Israeli companies in 2021 was Insight Partners, a New York-based firm that invested in 49 rounds in 2021, up from 17 in 2020. The company’s portfolio includes Israeli success stories like Wix and Monday.com, as well as Shopify and Twitter. American investment firm Tiger Global Management participated in 16 funding rounds in Israeli start-ups in 2021, up from just three in 2020. Foreign VC funds make up four of the top 10 most active funds in Israel, according to the report. The most active Israeli VC company was OurCrowd, with 29 rounds in 2021. Viola is among Israel’s leading tech-focused investment groups with over USD 3 billion AUM. Founded in 2000, Viola has backed over 200 companies and11 unicorns, such as Payoneer, Lightricks,Outbrain, SimiliarWeb and ironSource. Investor interest in climate tech is climbing; new fund almost once a month Who is doing the investing?