April Edition 2022

18 effective triangular relationship with the US and Israel. The US tech giants have significant activity in the UK due to availability of talent and favourable trading conditions. Moreover, the UK has for some time been looking to emulate the success of Israel in fostering innovative and entrepreneurial business spirits with a focus on small and medium type companies of a highly innovative nature. We expect these efforts to continue to intensify in the post Brexit era. Alex Haffner, Partner, Fladgate: We have not seen any significant impact from a logistical or bureaucratic viewpoint. Across the board UK authorities and industry bodies have very close working relationships with their Israeli counterparts and Brexit has done nothing to change this. On the contrary, in many areas it has enabled these organizations to strengthen existing ties. Legally, there are undoubtedly certain challenges to be overcome in specific areas, the most prominent example being the impact Brexit has had on the ability for financial services companies to obtain UK authorization and “passport” that to the EU. However, these have not had any discernible impact on the UK’s attractiveness as a destination for Israeli nationals and companies, and on the contrary we as a law firm have continued to see a significant uptick in work for Israeli domiciled clients. Etay Katz, Partner, Ashurst: We have seen little immediate impact on UK-Israel relationship following from Brexit and expect the real test to be whether or not the two countries would cease this windowof opportunity to create a more pervasive favourable trading and development environment now that the UK is not saddled with EU public policy considerations. Alex Haffner, Partner, Fladgate: We would be tempted to say anything “tech” related! We agree with the list provided. Fintech is a particular area of focus for us. We recently sponsored the UK Israel Tech Hub’s Fintech programme which showcased the UK as a destination for Israeli fintech companies and were struck by the quality of participants and the very From a legal, logistic, or bureaucratic point of view, has Brexit impacted the Israeli-UK relationship? We see a lot of activity in the realm of digital health, as well as cyber, fintech, and other areas. What fields do you see as being of interest today for UK and Israeli investors?