April Edition 2022

11 Which sectors are particularly hot? With a handful of exits and some SPAC mergers pending, today’s entrepreneurs also feel less pressure to seek an exit, as long as they can continue to raise the money they need from private funders. Staying private allows many companies to avoid the additional scrutiny and potential loss of control that comes with an initial public offering. Israeli high-tech covers all spheres of life, from technologies that will protect our computers and smart phones, to digital medicine that finds innovative ways to treat patients all the way to a lab made hamburger that will revolutionize what and how we eat. According to the SNC report, the sectors that drew the most capital in 2021, like in 2020, were enterprise IT and data infrastructure, cybersecurity, and fintech. About 65% of the total funding went to companies in these sectors, compared to 52% of the total raised by the same sectors throughout all of 2020. In fact, In March 2022, Glilot Capital, one of Israel’s leading VC funds, raised USD 220 million for its fourth Seed fund, in order to invest in young companies in the fields of cybersecurity, enterprise software and developer tools.